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Lauren Maldonado

Lauren Maldonado, Staff Reporter

Lauren Maldonado is a freshman at RCHS, and this is her first year in Journalism. She is a staff writer for the school newspaper The Cats Eye. Her favorite thing about Journalism is identifying accurate facts and reporting stories that affect the students and community of RCHS. For, free time Maldonado enjoys reading, and watching cooking shows. She is very committed to giving accurate information about what's happening in the world. Some other extracurricular activities she does is write, and bake. Maldonado shares with us a quote saying "I also love photography and love taking pictures of my friends and family’’. Maldonado has a plan to either pursue a career out of Journalism or Photography.  After, high school Lauren either wants to be a math teacher or a writer for The New York Times. Her favorite tv shows are Friends, and Stranger Things, Some of her favorite Movies are The Karate Kid, and Titanic. Some awards Maldonado has received have been Principal's honor roll, as well as a certificate of Honor from both her Math and language arts classes. She has one brother Hayden Maldonado who is a Junior also attending RCHS. Once Lauren becomes a sophomore she wants to move on to the advanced Journalism classes. She is very focused and will help make sure that the school and the community are getting the right information. But, all Maldonado wants to do right now is have a great first year of High School.

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Lauren Maldonado