RCHS Freshman Tailgate

Link Crew with students at Freshman Tailgate

Gia Guerrero

Link Crew with students at Freshman Tailgate

The annual freshman tailgate was held on Friday, Sept. 10 in the main quad. The freshman tailgate, hosted by the RCHS Link Crew, provided an opportunity for freshmen to get a feel for campus culture.

“The tailgate was super fun, and I got to hang out with my friends,” said freshman Brooklyn Santilli. “My favorite thing was the free food and drinks.’’  

This year has been a rollercoaster for students at RCHS, especially freshmen. However, unlike last year, the tailgate was in-person and students were able to interact with other students. 

Gia Guerrero a senior and Link Crew member at RCHS said, “Tailgate is a fun, memorable part of the freshmen experience.’’

Guerrero also said that the Link Crew loves hosting this event and wants as much time as they can get to interact with freshmen. 

Link Crew helps oversee freshman achievement on campus. Guerrero said Link Crew uses “a variety of methods to reach out to freshmen and make them feel supported through their transition into high school.’’ 

Freshman Bailey Gretzner attended the tailgate. She said, “Tailgate was fun. I just hung out with my friends.’’

The Link Crew freshman tailgate only comes around once a year to provide a memorable experience for freshmen to get to learn more about RCHS culture and to welcome them to the campus.

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