Annual RCHS Winter Final Exams

The annual RCHS final exams are back, taking place on Dec. 14-16, with two finals taking place each half day. Between the two finals classes, there will be a nutritional break of thirteen minutes. 

Ms. Mandy Kinney, a sophomore math teacher, said her math final usually consists of 60 test questions. However, having just come back from distance learning, Kinney said her finals are going to be part projects and multiple-choice questions. 

Kinney said she is, “leaning towards a mini multiple choice final but something formal and performance.”

For RCHS freshmen, this will be their first time taking final exams in high school. A freshman who wishes to remain anonymous said that she couldn’t wait until the exams were over.

“I feel very stressed about finals because I know it’s coming up, and I will have to study a lot,” said the freshman student.

Ms. Lilia Morales, a Spanish teacher, said that she gives her students a variety of different tests: writing, reading, listening and speaking. 

“I want to give them a final so they can show what they have learned throughout the semester,” Morales said.

Morales also believes that teachers should do their tests according to the students’ abilities and that the test shouldn’t be worth a lot of points to make sure that the students have enough to review.

“I think it is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure that the test is according to [the students’] abilities,” Morales said. 

Each semester, the RCHS schedule concludes with three days of finals. The next final exams will take place May 23-25, 2022.