Varsity Cougars defeat Grizzlies 14-7

George Mikhail throwing the ball back to his teammates.

RCHS boys water polo defeated Los Osos 14-7 on Tuesday, Sept. 27. The notable player of the game was goalie George Mikhail who blocked almost all of Osos’ shots. Currently, boys water polo is 15-2 for the season. Currently, boys water polo is 16-2 for the season.

Coach Gavin Nolan said that the team prepared for the game. 

“We prepared a lot of tactical stuff, a lot of options to have offensively and defensively so we would always have enough choices to make advertisements and go from there,” said Nolan.  “Defense continues, the boys communicated well, they did really well and that’s why we got the win.”

”I think we played great,” senior goalie George Mikhail said. “We definitely could have played better on offense, more shots could have been better, defense played great, but overall we did a great job.”

Mikhail highlights his team and tells what brings them together.

“We played great defense, great communication, great offense, nothing more nothing less,” said Mikhail.

”I think it was a great game,” senior Landon Cooke said. “We played as good as we could and showed up.”