Battle of the bookmarks: Senior Alexus Diets takes first in bookmark contest

Alexus Diets (senior) won first place with this unique design.

Senior Alexus Deits won the Fourth Annual RCHS Bookmark Contest for the 2021-2022 school year. Senior Tina Nguyen came in second, and senior Abigail Fish came in third. 

Diets created a forest fantasy design bookmark that shows a staircase of books leading to a world within an open book. Diets’ bookmark will now be distributed to every student on campus. 

The contest was held in November to help celebrate reading and creativity on campus.

Ms. Connie Joyce, the teacher-librarian at RCHS said, “It promotes creativity while also encouraging reading. Students love seeing other students’ beautiful artwork.

Joyce also said that every year the submissions get better and better from students.

“Every year I think the submissions can’t get any better, but they do. I’m so proud of our students! said Joyce.

Joyce also said that the contest happens annually, but an art contest is also held in which students write poems.

“We also have another art contest in April for National Poetry Month.” Joyce said.