Beep! Beep! RCHS Celebrates Halloween with a Drive-Through

Natalie Nguyen, Staff Reporter


Due to the Coronavirus restrictions this year, Rancho Cucamonga High School hosted a Halloween drive through on Friday, October 30 to bring the community together for Halloween.

The event took place at RCHS, and it was a Covid-friendly, drive through event. Students who attended the event wore masks and remained inside their cars.

Ms. Francie Ward, the RCHS ASB Advisor, decided to host this Halloween event because the RCHS community needed a little extra joy, distraction, and a connection with other people.

She said she thought that having a family version of the drive through allowed elementary students in the community to enjoy a full night since regular trick-or-treating would be difficult.

Ms. Ward said that they didn’t count the cars through the night, but they prepared 800 units of candy to give to each person who came through. At the end of the event, Ms. Ward said they were out of everything.

Ms. Ward said they decided on the games based on what families could play from their car windows. As simple as they were, they seemed to really enjoy playing. There was a second lane in case there were families who wanted to take a photo. Families could hop out of their cars and take a picture in front of a painting.

Ms. Wards said, “The best part about the night was watching how excited little ones were.”

Ms. Kay Williams-Pierce, a teacher at RCHS, volunteered at the event. She said her favorite part of the Halloween drive through was seeing all of the students and their younger siblings enjoy the games and the decorations.

She volunteered at this event because she said she loves attending RCHS events, and she misses having these events on campus.