Balancing Responsibilities and Distance Learning

Haliyah Judware, Staff Reporter

As we all know this 2020-2021 school year at Rancho Cucamonga High School has started differently from what we are all used to.


We as a community have started this school year online or what we know as Distance Learning. RCHS, along with the majority of the schools in the state have taken this approach because of the worldwide pandemic causing us to keep on with social distancing.


Students at RCHS have responsibilities outside of distance learning that can interfere or be hard to balance with school. These responsibilities consist of working jobs. caring for younger siblings, and helping to manage household tasks. There is also a point where unexpected situations happen in student lives while distance learning is going on.


One junior shared her responsibilities that go on at the same time and days that she has class. She said, “My family pastors a church, and we are responsible for live streams and Zooms every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. We have to do it from home and set up lights, cameras, music, projectors, and also be silent [when] my dad preaches.” She has the responsibility of distance learning and church on the same days. This student also mentioned how this has been stressful, but she has no choice but to work with the circumstances. School first then helping her family.


Another junior shared how she has to occasionally babysit and also focus on distance learning at the same time. She mentioned that a way that helps her find a balance is to write what’s important in her own personal agenda. This helps her see all of her responsibilities and figure out how to keep everything organized.


A senior shared that distance learning has impacted his life in every area. He has the responsibility of looking after his younger siblings during the day while also worrying about school.


He said, “I need to make sure they’re staying safe since my brother got tested positive recently. Even though he is now out of the clear of it I still want to make sure he is safe. Because of this I am often very worried about making sure my younger siblings are not doing something irresponsible like going outside. My anxiety over them getting sick is making it difficult to focus on work.”


Although he is stressed, he said he makes a checklist to keep up with what he has to do. This helps him to visually see all responsibilities and be able to attack them.


One junior shared how she runs her own small business of sewing and selling masks. This is difficult because she has to do school but also remember orders and keep products made. Although keeping this small business going is stressful with school, she shares how staying organized and on top of everything is key. She shares that if she doesn’t find organization, she can possibly lose track of when an assignment is due or when an order is due. Organization is her biggest priority when it comes to balancing school and work.


All these students shared one major thing when it comes to balancing work, school, or the responsibilities at home. They all found ways to stay organized and focused regardless of what they have to do. Some students make checklists or even write in agendas. Students found a way to make their personal life blend with their school life. It may be hard but there’s always alternatives.


If students feel like they are struggling with balancing things like work and school, they can reach out to other students because they are going through the same thing and can probably help with ideas to overcome this. They can also reach out to their teachers and guidance counselors.