Black Girl Magic Club debuts at RCHS


Photo courtesy: @bsu.rchs

Black Girl Magic Club founders seniors Hannah Hawkins and Lyrique Wilson hold up signs with other club members to get people to come and sign up for the club!

Within an unrepresented demographic on campus and in society, seniors Lyrique Wilson and Hannah Hawkins created their club, Black Girl Magic, to showcase their culture.

Rancho Cucamonga High School’s annual event, Club Rush, took place at the beginning of the school year, marking the beginnings of the club. Black Girl Magic roots in inclusivity.

“We welcome all, regardless of race,” said co-president Hawkins. “Even though this club was made to be a safe space for Black girls specifically, it can also be a place to be enlightened on Black culture.”

According to Hawkins and Wilson, the primary goal of the club is to bring about a stronger sense of union among Black girls on campus.

“Our inspiration was each other,” said co-president Wilson. “There’s not enough Black women involved with each other.¨

Although this club shares similarities with Black Student Union, according to the club, they are very different.

“Black Girl Magic Club focuses on the experiences of young Black women,¨ said senior and vice president Nyla Taylor. “It also focuses on Black femininity and promotes unity within the community, while BSU is for the whole Black community.”

The Black Girl Magic Club portrays Black excellence for all girls within the community, emphasizing the beauty of Black culture and pushing Black women to confide in each other more often.

Meetings are scheduled to begin on Friday, Sept. 2. The creators of the club encourage all to join as they continue to build an environment filled with assurance and empowerment.