Facing Transitions


Freshman Lana Wong begins her first year at Rancho Cucamonga High School online.

Natalie Masachi, Editor-in-chief

Rancho Cucamonga High School’s incoming class of  2024 is experiencing the start of their high school year in an entirely different way. While the Freshman Class not only endured a transition from middle school to high school, they are now facing the challenge of having all of their classes through a computer screen. 

Many of us were nervous on our first day of school; a big campus with tons of smiling faces, the freshmen now entering the new normal of distance learning from their own home. And while many of us face our own transitions, it’s good for our freshman class to feel some relief for some pressing questions they have about school. 

When asking freshman Lana Wong how has the transition been from middle school to high school, she responded with, “The transition from middle school to high school was quite nerve racking for me at the start of it, with distance learning going on and the already new experience of just entering a new school and a new part of your life. However, I did have an amazing group of people around me that supported me through this, which made it one of the best transitions I never thought I would have had. My family, my friends, and the new people I built relationships with entering my freshman year at Rancho High made a great impact on me, always showing me their love, support, and encouragement.”   

While each of our RCHS students come from different walks of life it’s always good to know that through every transition there’s somebody there to support you. Laila Williams, a successful senior and Treasure of Link Crew advises the freshmen class “they’re not alone in all of this chaos and that they should try their hardest this year! Even though some people say that freshman year doesn’t count, it does and it sets up how the rest of their high school career is going to be.”

Making a change to high school from middle school can be stressful for students. Nicholas Rojas, a student at Rancho Cucamonga High School agrees that even with support at home and at school, transitions can be scary and cause some stress. 

All freshmen have their respective concerns and are not alone. Rojas expressed his viewpoints about distance learning. He said , “It is not ideal for me personally, but I will still try my best to do good.” 

As the new incoming class begins school at RCHS for the first time, we want to help create our future leaders. Nurturing and supporting students, especially our new freshmen, during these challenging times are a must. 

The endless support our teachers and administrators provide students help all students reach their highest potential.  Keeping in mind the concerns that students face as they move through school will allow us to validate many  concerns, RCHS prepares effective strategies to mold these students into a generation to be proud of.