New Restaurant Openings

Two Hands Corn dogs will open later in October in the Haven City Marketplace.

Josie Vazquez

Two Hands Corn dogs will open later in October in the Haven City Marketplace.

Two new restaurants, Potato Corner and Two Hands Corndogs, are going to open at the Haven City Market. The Haven City Market is a food court with over 20 restaurants located at 8443 Haven Ave. Rancho Cucamonga.

Potato Corner is a restaurant that claims to have the “World’s best flavored french fries since 1992.” Potato Corner hasn’t released a date for when they will open, but they say they are coming soon. 

A few of the items on the menu at Potato Corner are original fries, tater tots, Jo Jo chips, loopy fries, sweet potatoes, and baked potatoes. On their website, Potato Corner claims, “We took a snack traditionally seen as a side dish and made it a main attraction.” 

They claim their fame comes from its patented seasonings, which include BBQ, chili BBQ, sour cream and onion, and cheddar cheese. Over the years, Potato Corner has also expanded its menu to include a variety of chicken.

Two Hands Corndogs is the other restaurant opening up, offering Korean-style street corn dogs. The menu’s top picks are the spicy dog and the potato dog. The spicy dog is a combination of Two Hands spicy sauce and hot Cheetos powder, and the Potato dog is potato cubes wrapped in corn dog breading with Two Hands dirty sauce. On the website, the Rancho Cucamonga location is scheduled to open on Oct. 15.

Sophomore Isaiah Vazquez said, “I am very excited to try the Korean Corn Dogs, as a person who likes going to the Haven City Market.”

Other options on the menu include the two-hand dog, crispy rice dog, and American classic dog.