Impact Week

Photo of Bryanna Binsol and Benjamin Lightfoot in front of an Impact Week poster

Photo courtesy by Bryanna Binsol

Photo of Bryanna Binsol and Benjamin Lightfoot in front of an Impact Week poster

RCHS Student Achievement (SA)hosted the first Impact Week since the Covid-19 pandemic November 1 – November 5. This year, SA distributed 5,000 impact grams, which is a new record in the Rancho Cucamonga High School history of Impact Week. 

During Impact Week, students and staff recognized fellow students and staff members for their integrity, motivation, passion, achievement, commitment, and tenacity. This spells out IMPACT.

Since this was the first Impact Week since the pandemic, the only people on campus that have experienced impact week are junior, seniors, and most staff. 

“Just seeing the teachers get all of the love and recognition they deserve for doing everything they do for us was really beautiful,” said sophomore Blanca Calderon. 

Impact Week is run fully by SA. Throughout the week teachers are recognized by their students, students are recognized by staff, and students are also able to recognize other students. During both lunches, everyone on campus had access to impact grams, a slip of paper that people could write a nice message on for someone and have it delivered to their third period. 

One teacher who was recently impacted was Ms. Rebecca Guerrero., She said, “Teaching is a profession where you don’t always get to see if you make a difference. So it’s incredibly fulfilling and humbling to be acknowledged by your students for your efforts…I know I can’t connect with everyone but you try to be kind and thoughtful with your students while still challenging them to grow and it’s rewarding to know your efforts mattered to someone.”

There is so much work that is put into Impact Week. “SA puts in so much work to prepare. From theme discussions and planning during 3rd period to 8 hour workdays every Saturday, we are always working with the intent to have the best. Our work days consist of our amazing and talented painters, and even construction crews who make flats and designs. During school days, we have specific committees who work endlessly to locate classrooms and make sure everything runs smoothly, and we make sure to have our media team handle teasers and skits to promote impact week. Not a single person is left idle, and we proudly work with immense effort,” said senior SA Director of Public Affairs, Matthew Deguzman.