Black Friday 2020 Adapts to Covid Restrictions

Aniah Warvie, Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving is approaching which also means Black Friday is around the corner.

Black Friday will be different this year than previous years with COVID-19 restrictions to be taken into consideration. Stores will have a limited capacity, mask requirements, and the 6-feet social distancing rule.

Another way this Black Friday will be different is that stores will not be opening Thanksgiving night, but will open on Friday morning instead.

Adanze Akams, a junior at Rancho Cucamonga High School, says she does not usually take part in the extreme Black Friday holiday shopping. Akams says she sometimes looks for “deals that are still available the following week or before Black Friday takes place.”

Harlynne Gill, junior, says she will probably participate in the Black Friday holiday shopping this year. Gills says she will most likely go with her mom and sister to Target and Best Buy since they love to shop.

Jordan Ramirez, junior, says she is not quite sure if she will participate in shopping this year. Ramirez says if she does go shopping she “will go with her mom or grandma to TJ Max, Homegoods, and Macy’s.”

It is clear RCHS students are not 100% sure if they will attend this big holiday shopping event this year.

Here is a list of some stores located at Victoria Gardens that will be open this Black Friday

Best Buy: opens at 5am with a 25% capacity limit
Champs: 7am-9pm with a capacity of 15 customers not including staff
Hollister: 7am-9pm with a capacity of 45 customers including staff
Hot Topic: 7am-9pm with a capacity of 7 customers not including staff
Macy’s: 5am-12am with no capacity limit
Pacsun: 7am-9pm with a capacity of 15 customers not including staff
Urban Outfitters: 7am-9pm with a capacity of 64 customers including staff
Walmart: opens at 5am with no capacity limit
Zumiez: 7am-9pm with a capacity of 9 customers not including staff