DC is better than Marvel: The darker opinion


Graphic created in Canva by The Cat's Eye staff

Isabella Moran believes that DC is best.

The DC vs. Marvel debacle has been going on for as long as the two have existed. In the past, the controversy was between the comics but currently, it’s been a debate of the cinematic universes. Though Marvel has some deeming qualities, such as their movies, DC is just overall better.

While watching or reading DC, ever noticed there are more iconic villains? Marvel hardly has any good villains that last more than two movies. Plus, their back stories are dainty and not incredibly in-depth. DC, on the other hand, has so many incredibly interesting villains that have rich backstories and easily make them more favorable.

“DC’s villains are a lot more realistic, edgier and violent. They give off more of a scarier vibe,” said senior Collin Amaya.

Numerous times, DC has explored conceptual and deep meaning within their characters. With Disney now owning Marvel, this means that there are stricter guidelines to abide by, excluding Deadpool. This leaves them will less room to play with deeper, scarier ideas. DC has explored darker themes including the backstory of Reverse-Flash, the Death of Superman, and Wonder Woman killing the Justice League. Of course there are many more, but these examples show that comic books and DC are not just for kids.

A very iconic character is The Batman, who laughs. In the “Dark Days: The Casting,” Batman kills Joker. This released a toxic gas turning Batman into the biggest nightmare Gotham could face. With his terrifying grin, he kills the majority of his allies and turns his son Damien Wayne into a mini-joker.

Marvel has a fantastic cinematic universe with beautiful storylines and characters, whereas in that area, DC is lacking. The last pretty popular movie DC came out with was “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson as Batman. Before that was a train wreck of other movies that had a lot of potential but sadly flopped. Where DC does exceed though is in its animated series.

For example, DC made a well known series called “Batman: The Animated Series.” This was produced by Warner Bros Animation. It’s a well made story following the main character batman, voiced by Kevin Conroy. It’s a four-time Emmy winner. It was followed up with a Justice League cartoon made in the early 2000s.

“DC definitely shows more emotion and you feel how the characters are feeling,” said Junior Nathan Carrasco.

Overall, DC is better than Marvel. With its more conceptual ideas, in depth storyline, characters, and iconic villains, DC wins by a landslide.