Rancho Cucamonga Marching Cougars perform at parent preview


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Members of the Marching Cougars pose for a quick photo before performing in the parent preview.

On Sept. 17, 2022 the Rancho Cucamonga Marching Cougars hosted their annual parent preview at the RCHS stadium to showcase their progress thus far. 

“Parent preview went a lot better than a lot of us [would’ve] thought a few weeks ago,” said senior and president of the RCHS Marching Cougars Natalie Petock. “I’m very proud of what we put onto the field.”

Marching Cougar parent Crystal McCrory said, “The environment in the stands was jovial. There was a kid sitting behind me that was very excited. Everyone was happy and cheered enthusiastically.” 

For the students, parent preview is an opportunity to showcase their efforts, and for parents, a chance to see their children in uniform perform as an ensemble for the first time. 

At the beginning of the event, the Rancho Cucamonga Marching Cougars marched onto the field and then they opened the program by playing the national anthem. 

“I felt very professional,” said freshman Joan Anyanwu. For many of the newcomers of the program, it was the very first time they had performed for an audience. Anyanwu said, “most of the exercises went well.” 

The Marching Cougars showcased the first movement of their show entitled “Nomad.” While the theme and direction of the show is still a work in progress and something the Marching Cougars will work on in the coming days before their upcoming competition on October 1; however, it focuses on the travels of the Romani People. 

“I absolutely love this year’s show theme – the theme makes me so excited for what we can do in the future” senior and head drum major Drew Ruiz said. 

For many of the student body of the band, it was their very last time to perform their show for  their parents. Petock said performing was sentimental because it was her last year with the program.

“I wouldn’t trade the feeling of accomplishment after hours of hard work and dedication for anything in the world,” said Petock.

The night concluded as parents gathered on the football field to congratulate the band and take pictures with their Marching Cougars. 

The Rancho Cucamonga Marching Cougars will perform at their first competition on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022 at Bonita High School. For more information follow @rcmarching_cougars on Instagram.