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The Cat's Eye

Lethal Company game review

Another day for the company, another day for the lethal profit
Nevaeh Gueringer
This is the Lethal Company Logo. Logo courtesy of Steam.

Lethal Company is a multiplayer game designed by the game developer Zeekerss, where the player must meet a quota by gathering items within the abandoned facilities. These items have certain values that count for the quota. The players must gather these items and deliver them to the company itself, Lethal Company, to reach the quota in three days. If the quota is not reached within the time limit, then they will be fired by the company and must try again in the new round.

In the game, while working toward the quota, the players will encounter many monsters that reside from outside the ship and in the abandoned facilities. The monsters they encounter have different abilities and behaviors that should be kept in mind when trying to keep at least one player alive. 

If they can’t keep at least one player alive, then all players are deemed dead and must re-spawn in another day. When a player respawns, they lose all of the progress they’ve made. However, the players will be able to counter this with information from the bestiary, a log within the game that catalogs information important for the game, and from the purchases for blunt weapons, flash/stun grenades, flashlights, and a zap gun to stun and kill monsters. 

The game is about a company that has taken part in creating a beast that will eat everything in its path, with the company using its walls to contain it. The company had no choice but to make their employees become scrap finders to keep the beast tame, which is where the players come in to find as much scrap as possible before it ends. This process keeps going until the game ends and the player is fired.

This game costs $10 on Steam, and includes play in lobbies to join with friends or people online. The game is still in early development, and it was released on October 23.

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Nevaeh Gueringer
Nevaeh Gueringer, Staff Reporter

Nevaeh Gueringer is the senior at Rancho Cucamonga High school and this is their first year writing for the Cat’s Eye. They are interested in both music and games. They are passionate about their community and the activities they participate in. They hope to bring their hard efforts to the table as much as they can.

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