The Oscars 2024: A celebration of recognition

An Oscar with a slate board behind it. (Graphic made in Canva).
An Oscar with a slate board behind it. (Graphic made in Canva).
Luciana Martin

The 96th Academy Awards has a lot to live up to after a year of exceptional performances from those in their respective categories. The event is a celebration of cinema and its contributions to the world of art and entertainment. From groundbreaking storytelling and eye-capturing cinematography along with imaginative visual effects, the Oscars recognize the contributions each department has made to the world of film.

Critics claim 2023 was considered a renaissance for the box office and movies as a whole; this year alone the US box office garnered 9 Billion dollars being the highest-grossing year since the 2020 pandemic. It was a year of media-raving performances from Margot Robbie portraying the iconic toy figure Barbie in the self-titled film “Barbie” directed by Great Gerwig to Cillian Murphy portraying J. Robert Oppenheimer, the “father of the atomic bomb” in Christopher Nolan’s film “Oppenheimer.” These performances created an uproar of praise from movie critics and audiences alike garnering an eager crowd for the highly anticipated 2024 Oscars. 

In 2023, the entertainment industry was hit by a significant event: the SAG-AFTRA writers and actors strike. The strike lasted for three months and became a spotlight on the issue of insufficient pay and benefits for workers in the industry. 

This strike brought a wave of awareness to on-lookers who aren’t familiar with the film industry and mainly focused on the use of artificial intelligence for writing and even replacing actors with this technology.

I’m happy there was more diversity with films this year.”

— Tamia Morell, sophomore

This strike shed light on the challenges that writers and actors who are under SAG-AFTRA face within the entertainment industry. It showed the general public just how much effort and labor goes into crafting beloved films and television projects. 

At the upcoming Oscars, some people assume that the audience can expect a slew of skits directed towards this issue. Recently during the airing of the 2024 Golden Globes, many jokes were made poking fun at the studio executives, who were the main cause of this strike along with artificial intelligence.

Along with recognizing the importance of writers and actors, 2023 was a year of recognizing achievements in the world of the box office. Since 2020, 2023 was the second biggest year in the box.

“I’m happy there was more diversity with films this year,” Tamia Morell, a sophomore at Rancho Cucamonga High School said.

In previous years, the Academy has received a fair amount of criticism regarding its lack of diversity among it nominees.

Some attribute this phenomenon of box office success to the major lack of superhero films this year. In past years superhero films made up 25% of the box office earnings, in 2023 only eight films centering around superheroes were released this year each of these films making below what the initial cost was to produce these films.

“There was a variety of different viewpoints in each movie. I think that’s what brought more people to the movies,” Morell said.

I love seeing the outfits that the nominees wear. I think it always raises the bar for award-show fashion whenever someone goes outside the box. I always look forward to seeing that.”

— Elise Tarver, junior

Award shows like the Oscars try to cater to everyone at home watching, from memorable skits and jokes, tear-jerking speeches, and iconic red carpet outfits, the Oscars truly have something for everyone watching at home. Sometimes award shows like the Oscars can hold some of the most talked-about moments of the year. Some of these moments can be the most simple yet still leave an impact on a viewer watching at home.

“I’m really into fashion, so I always look forward to seeing what everyone wears,” Elise Tarver, a junior at Rancho Cucamonga said.

Attire is a major part of what makes the Oscars so memorable in the years past and present. These outfits worn by celebrities showcase the artistry of well-known and unknown designers. 

“I love seeing the outfits that the nominees wear. I think it always raises the bar for award-show fashion whenever someone goes outside the box. I always look forward to seeing that,” Tarver said.

The 96th edition of the Academy Awards, widely known as the “Oscars,” is scheduled to take place on Sunday, March 10. This event is highly anticipated by movie enthusiasts worldwide, as it recognizes the best performances, direction, and production in the film industry. 

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