RCHS construction blocks off east quad


Photo Courtesy: Devon Ortiz

Construction workers tear down the East Quad for improvements.

The RCHS campus is currently undergoing construction projects. A select number of RCHS students are affected by this sudden change in the East quad. Students in P.E, Band, and Dance have difficulty getting through the big crowd that awaits them once the bell rings. 

The construction is taking up the entirety of the east quad. To bypass the construction, students are using the access road to get onto campus. Students have been entering the school from the main quad and the west entrance near the K and G buildings. 

Junior Jessica Orgill said she is taking dance and that the construction is impacting her route. “It stops me from going to my class on time,” said Orgill. “Usually for my third period, going there is harder because I have to go around and to my 4th period as well.”

The east quad construction is making it harder for students to get around campus, which affects their punctuality.

“We don’t have easy access to the pool or to the field,” said senior Ivy Quan. “The gym was blocked off for a while, and I had to walk further to get to the football field.”

According to Quan, ramps to the field were blocked off, making it difficult to get there. She also mentioned that the pit storage for band is blocked off.

The impact of the construction is very minimal, though it causes students to arrive late and prevents some classes from doing their daily activities.

“We started the construction in June, and it will take 12 to 15 months to finish,” said Dr. Sherry Berwick, the Assistant Principal of Educational Services. “We decided instead of four V buildings, we should make it two stories and add another two classrooms, making an L shape, therefore, there will be 10 classrooms.” 

Dr. Berwick also added that the east quad would return, however there will be adjustments to it once the construction is done.