Rancho Students Celebrate Spring Break

Alexis Fabela, Staff Reporter

Spring break is a week where students are free from any school-related responsibilities before finals and the last half of the school year. Spring break is usually scheduled in March. While many students like to use their week to relax and recharge, others use this opportunity to go on faraway vacations with their families.


According to Visual Academy, the concept of spring break began in 1938 with a swim forum event in Lauderdale, Florida. By around the 1960s, more and more students started to show up in the same town, and businesses took advantage and started offering specials on their drinks and food.


The most popular spring break destinations include Jamaica, Cancun, The Bahamas, Miami Beach, and anywhere else that is tropical.


Let’s see what students from Rancho Cucamonga High School did for their spring break.


RCHS Junior Alexis Monet said, “ I visited my family, studied, went to the mall, and hung out with my friends”.


Rhonda Nugud, junior at RCHS said, “I honestly didn’t do much but hang out with my friends and family”.


Junior Ariana Martinez said, “ I hung out with my friends, I also went to eat breakfast and get ice cream with them, I went to the beach, relaxed at home,  watched movies, and bought snacks”.


Junior Andrew Hanna said, “I really didn’t do much but sleep”.


Due to the pandemic, students are limited on what they can do for spring break.