What do students have planned this halloween?

Aniah Warvie, Staff Reporter

We are at that time of year, RCHS students. It’s Spooky Season! It will not be the same traditional Halloween we have every year because of Covid-19 for some students.


Adanze Akams, junior, said Covid-19 is not going to affect her Halloween this year. Akam plans on going to the grocery store with her siblings to buy a bunch of candy, which is also her family’s tradition. Akams said, “the candy is usually on sale.”


After the trip to the store, Akams and her family go home and watch Halloween related movies, tv shows, and listen to Halloween soundtracks and songs. I asked Akam what her favorite Halloween song to listen to was, and she said, “I usually blast the song Calling all the Monsters around the house since that is my favorite song.”


Akam’s favorite Halloween movie to watch with her family is Scary Godmother; Halloween Spooktacular, a family-friendly film. Halloween will definitely be different this year. Akams said, “I feel with Covid-19, the crowds of trick-or-treaters will be lessened, but people will still be in the Halloween spirit.”


Kayla Quach, is a junior at RCHS. For Halloween, Quach plans on going out with her friends to reenact the new popular mobile/pc game “Among Us.”


“We will dress as our favorite characters while wearing our masks and social distancing,” Quach said. Since there is no trick-or-treating and restrictions will be followed this year, Quach said “it will be a little less fun this year because I like scaring people when I give out candy, but it is safer to not trick or treat and follow the rules.”


Quach’s favorite Halloween costume she has worn throughout her years of trick-or-treating is Hermione Granger, “she was my favorite for two reasons. The costume was made comfortable and she is my favorite fictional character.”


Isabella Carcamo, junior, said her plan for Halloween this year is to spend time with her boyfriend. Carcamo said, “I am going to dress up with my boyfriend so it at least feels like a normal Halloween and go to one or the other house and watch scary movies and eat food together.”


According to Carcamo, her and her family do not usually have a tradition. Carcamo said, “my family and I usually just dress up, go eat something, then go trick-or-treating at big houses to get a lot of candy.” Carcamo’s favorite scary movie is Escape Room and her favorite Halloween costume she has worn throughout her years of trick-or-treating was a modern boujee queen with a pink fur coat.


“It was my favorite costume because I enjoyed feeling powerful, and like a queen, a lot of people liked my costume and thought it was so me,” said Carcamo.


I asked Carcamo how she feels about Covid-19 putting restrictions on Halloween this year, and she said “I feel it is very upsetting because I had plans to go to a horror-themed amusement park this year to get scared because I have never done that before so I was really looking forward to it, I also am upset because I will not be able to see my friends’ costumes this year.”


This year students are having difficulty adapting to the restrictions Covid-19 has brought, but they are going to try and make this Halloween fun and safe.