You’ve been impacted!

Student Achievement hype up for an impact.

Photo Credit: Bailee Small

Student Achievement hype up for an impact.

In September, the first impact of the year for 2022 was for Mr. Andrew Scranton. Impact is an activity that Student Achievement executes to show their thanks and appreciation towards a teacher or a student on the RCHS campus.

“It was really surprising and terrifying,” Mr. Scranton said. “I was very flattered and the students impacted me as well.”

An individual from RCHS nominates  a teacher that they have felt has impacted their students and their life in a positive way to impact. From there, the student achievement team gets a date planned for this impact that works for the team as well as the students who are impacting the teacher. They also contact the RCHS TV Bulletin to help film their impact. 

The two students that chose to impact Mr. Scranton were thankful for his great teaching, fun attitude, and positive vibes towards the school year that they had.

Senior Connor Favero, Director of Public Affairs of Student Achievement, asked Scranton how he felt about being impacted. Scranton said, “kinda terrified actually, that was really scary when you guys ran in here, very surprised, but very flattered.”

When an impact happens, the SA team, which consists of many students dressed in Rancho purple, enters the classroom and quickly moves in front of the classroom they are impacting. They run in, cheer, and shout for this teacher or student. 

“Seeing how surprised the teachers are [and]  like how happy it seems to make [them] and the relationships you can see between the teachers and students that I think really goes unnoticed,” Favero said. “It shows how students appreciate their teachers even though it might not seem like it.” 

Ms. Tiffany Ewing, Student Achievement Advisor, said, “I think an impact is successful when were sneaky so they don’t expect it but also when we put the poster on the outside of the door [of the impactee] so not only do the students on the inside know that this teacher was impacted and made a difference but everyone else can see it too.”

The Student Achievement program is an elective class at RCHS, and students in the program coordinate impacts and various activities.

Students in SA plan impact, college and career week, suicide prevention week, a variety of spirit days, Ren Rally, recycling, fundraisers, kindness week, and distribute treats for birthdays, AP students, and everything in between. 

If you want to impact someone DM @rchssa on instagram #impact !

Student Achievement sneakily rush into a classroom for an impact!