Seniors watch the sun rise on their final year of high school


Photo by: Nimrah Khan

Seniors flock to the bleachers to watch performances from cheer, dance, and other peers during Senior Sunrise.

In the early morning of Friday, Aug. 12, seniors gathered in the Cougar Stadium to enjoy donuts and performances as the sun rose on their final year of high school. 

Senior Sunrise, an annual event exclusively for seniors hosted by ASB, began at 6:30 a.m. with tables of sugary goodness. Students lined up for donuts and other refreshments, eagerly greeted their friends, and posed for pictures. 

The seniors then went to the bleachers to watch performances from RCHS dance and cheer. Following cheer, senior Precious Ani sang her rendition of “Good Days” by SZA. 

The event ended abruptly at 7:30 a.m. after another dance performance, leaving students two hours to enjoy the morning before school started. 

“My favorite part of senior sunrise was the beginning,” said senior Cenai Mathais. “I was able to take pictures, talk to my peers, and reminisce on all the memories we’ve shared throughout our high school experience.” 

Similarly, senior Caira Sefiane said her favorite part about Senior Sunrise was “seeing [her] friends, taking pictures, and watching Precious Ani sing ‘Good Days’ by Sza.” 

However, she was disappointed that she did not actually catch the sunrise. “My least favorite thing was that we didn’t even see the sunrise,” Sefiane said. 

Even though the event took place in full sunlight, seniors greeted the year happily during Senior Sunrise, a symbolic reminder to cherish their final year of high school.

“Senior Sunrise was amazing,” said senior Mariez Hana, “but I’m more excited for what’s to come, especially the rallies, Homecoming, and Prom.” 

Welcome to senior year, Cougars!