Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Amelia M., Staff Reporter

Valentine’s Day is a day where you share your love to not only your significant other but to yourself, friends, and family. Although traditional gifts like teddy bears, chocolate, red roses, and lovely jewelry aren’t bad, maybe doing something different and more sentimental can be a better present to give. 


Giving a subscription box can be an enriching and sweet gift. Instead of giving your loved ones flowers on one day, you can provide them with a subscription to UrbanStems: a monthly subscription that offers beautiful and luxe bouquets starting at $55 per delivery. If flowers aren’t your loved one’s favorite, give a subscription box to Therabox. Therabox is a self-care subscription that has everything self-care related like bath bombs and face masks. It’s a perfect gift for stress relief, and it provides many relaxing activities to do in quarantine. There are so many subscription boxes for anyone and anything. You can even give yourself a subscription package for clothing or save your loved ones a free meal with subscriptions for food. Plus, who doesn’t like yearly gifts? 


Another gift idea is a gift basket with a sentimental and personal theme for your loved ones. The first step is getting a basket of your choice and filling it up with your loved one’s favorite things, whether it’s food, drinks, clothing, fragrances, gift cards, or photo albums of each other. The possibilities are endless. It shows your loved ones that you care and listen. You can also find examples and ideas of gift baskets on Pinterest. 


For something more hands-on, you can gift a virtual cooking or baking class. Learning something new with your significant other can be a special memory and can create something good out of it too. You can also do a do-it-yourself spa day with a facial and massage. Give yourself a pamper day and end it with a nice dinner. 


Another idea is creating an outdoor movie theater. Getting a blow-up movie screen or projector from Amazon and setting it up with snacks and pillows is a great and cozy way to spend time with your loved ones. 


Buying something like card games can be personal, intimate, and fun. There are multiple card games for any relationship. You can get a card deck created with pictures of you and your loved ones with anything written on it from Etsy. Or get the card game We’re Not Really Strangers, a card game that makes you create a powerful and meaningful connection with others. This card game is great to play with friends, significant others, or even yourself! It allows you to answer leveled questions to create an even deeper connection with others, including yourself. 


Giving Valentine’s Day gifts doesn’t always have to be an expensive or a big gesture; it can be small and sentimental. It also doesn’t have to be pink or red either. Valentine’s Day is the day of love so celebrate it by giving your loved ones and even yourself something special. 


If you are looking for more ideas on what to give your loved one for Valentine’s Day, check out our recent article on The Cat’s Eye website for ways you can shop for gifts locally while supporting Rancho’s student entrepreneurs. 

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