RCHS staff members give tips for students to have a successful semester


Aniah Warvie, Staff Reporter

Students can agree that there were many ups and downs during last semester. And with a new semester now in play, students are questioning what they can do to be successful while still completing school in remote learning. Rancho Cucamonga High School staff members provide students with advice on how to succeed in remote learning.

Mrs. Kathleen Fiandaca, an English teacher, said students can help limit their distractions in class by having their camera on and being an active team member. Fiandaca said, “when your camera is off and your screen is muted, it is easier to become distracted.” Fiandaca taught A.V.I.D.  last year and had her students keep weekly planners to manage work for multiple classes without being overwhelmed. Fiandanca also said, “I suggest for all students to get a schedule for what classes [they] need to be in and what [they] need to do.”


Managing to keep up with school work and having free time can be difficult. Fiandaca said she thrives when she keeps a to-do list. FIandaca said, “I made the conscious decision to try to not bring work home, like grading papers, I continue to do tasks at the workplace until they are done so the next day runs smoothly.”


One way students can practice this at home is by preparing  themselves for a productive school day the night before. Fiandaca said, “treat remote learning as a normal school day and have a clear cut bed and wake up time.


Mr. Alan Allen, a social science teacher, also offered  words of advice about how students can limit their distractions at home. Allen said having a comfortable work space can help with limiting distractions in class. “That is why I come to school, for me it is about the environment,” said Allen.


Allen said he is not as strict as other teachers when it comes to late work. He said,  “students should prioritize homework from teachers that are more strict, then prioritize homework from teachers who accept late work second.”


Whether it is having a good meal, watching television, or reading a book, it is always good to do something that’ll wind you down before bed. Allen said, “Do something to wind you down and go to bed at a reasonable time.” In addition, meditation, exercise, and time-outs (from electronic devices) are very important for students’ mental well being and will help create a productive day at school.


Ms. Concetta Aguilera, an RCHS guidance counselor, said students should have a remote area dedicated to studying and doing homework, something similar to a “Do Not Disturb” area. RCHS teachers understand there can be many distractions while in class, and many teachers suggest  limiting those distractions as much as possible.


One thing Aguilera recommends is more of a mental commitment; she feels that each night you should try to look over things discussed or given during that day. For example, look over notes, books, documents, and other things that will help you do well in school. Students might not want to spend their free time doing these things; however, it proves that if you manage to read over these things and make an effort to put yourself ahead, it will give you that boost of confidence and knowledge that you might need to keep yourself on track or better yet, keep you ahead of what is going on.