Ways to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions

Natalie Nguyen, Staff Reporter

Rancho senior Colleen Buliag hopes to develop healthier habits such as eating better and working out more for 2021. Buliag’s family motivates her to stick to her New Year’s resolutions, and the pandemic taught her not to take her health for granted.


Buliag’s way to help students is to set notifications or to download apps that help them stick to their goals. One benefit of having a healthier lifestyle is having a lower risk of disease as you get older, and you’ll have more energy to do things you love. Colleen would keep reminders on her phone and put sticky notes on her desk to remember her goals for that week.

Mr. Kyle Wallace is a science teacher at Rancho. Wallace’s goal for this year is to find something he enjoys doing that allows him to get some quality exercise. Wallace doesn’t want to be an unhealthy person, so that motivates him. Wallace reminds himself to always keep your goal in mind and remind yourself that it’s okay when you stray from the path; you just get back on the path and continue.

His benefits are sticking to your new year’s resolutions, and it can bring you a feeling of success. Wallace’s best piece of advice regarding New Year’s resolutions is that there is nothing extraordinary about January 1st and that if you want to make a change in your life, you can make that change whenever you’d like.

Senior Michelle Padilla’s goals this year are to get accepted to her dream college, get a good scholarship, and graduate with good grades. The thing that motives her is knowing the outcome of these short-term goals will help her achieve higher dreams in the future. When it comes to sticking to New Year’s resolutions, Padilla recommends making a list, putting reminders on your phone, and thinking about why you want the goal you set. Some of the benefits Michelle learned throughout this process is to write down her resolutions that keeps her motivated to actually get things done, it’s also a physical constant reminder and forces her to manage her time in order to achieve it. Padilla’s best piece of advice is whatever your goal is, always remember that you’re the one getting the benefits, so don’t leave it up to anyone else to complete it, be responsible.