New Year, New Resolutions


Amelia M., Staff Reporter

2020 is coming to an end! Christmas is coming up, and so is the upcoming New Year. New Year’s is a good reminder to set goals for yourself and have a fresh start. I’m sure we can all say 2020 wasn’t our favorite year, so let’s make the year 2021 better with new resolutions for ourselves and others. 


My last year’s resolution was to find the positive in every situation, and 2020 tested that resolution in every way. It was really hard to look on the bright side with everything that unfolded throughout 2020. As we enter 2021, I have many resolutions, but my main resolution is self-love. It’s very important to be happy with yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. 


Sofia Romero, a junior at Rancho Cucamonga High School, had a resolution for 2020 to become more confident in herself. She stuck with it and felt that she accomplished her resolution. 

For 2021, her resolution is to spend less time on social media. Romero said, “social media can be very toxic at times and make people think badly about themselves.” Taking a break from social media now and then is always good for your overall health, especially during these difficult times. 


The resolution is to promise and commit to doing something differently in the new year. It can be changing an undesired trait or behavior, having a personal goal, or just continuing a good practice. New Year resolutions are both endless and personal. 


Spencer Mims, a junior at RCHS, also has a resolution this year. He wants to try to keep himself accountable for things. Mims said,” I want to be responsible for all my actions and everything else I do.” Mims feels he can accomplish his resolution because he did last year. 


Last year, Mims’ resolution was to workout more. Mims picked this resolution because he said “he needed to be in better shape for track.” He stuck with it and is continuing to workout. 


Molly Sanchez, a junior,likes to have resolutions to make herself a better person each year. Her resolution this year is to always be there for others. Sanchez said, “I’ve made this resolution to not let any of my friends or family down.” Sanchez also wants this to be a reminder to all her loved ones that she will always be there for them. 


Her resolution for 2020 was to never give up on anything no matter what comes or goes. Sanchez said it was hard for her to keep up with it not knowing what was going to happen this year, but she stuck with it and continues to.  


Hailey Pallies, a junior and varsity soccer player, said she makes resolutions but never sticks to them. However, for her 2020 resolution she stuck with it. Pallies’ resolution was to keep her good grades and work hard in soccer. Pallies said “It was hard for me to maintain but I stuck with it and I’m really proud of myself.” 


This year Pailles made a resolution to eat more healthy foods and be more of a positive person. Pailles said being positive can help achieve a happy lifestyle and eating healthy foods can impact your life physically. 


The New Year is always an exciting time, celebrating with your family and friends. Making a resolution can be from changing a small habit like biting your nails to having a big goal like buying your own car. Either way, having resolutions is starting fresh on a new year and becoming a better person. So cheers, to the new year and the new you! Goodbye 2020!