The Most Meaningful Christmas Gift


Alexis Fabela, Staff Reporter

Christmas is the day when many people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. People celebrate Christmas around the world, and you can celebrate this holiday by being around the people you love, decorating your home, having gatherings, watching Christmas movies, and giving gifts to one another.


One of the main reasons people give Christmas gifts is to remind us of the presents that Jesus received from the wise men. 


A Christmas present is a gift given in celebration of Christmas. And whether you celebrate the religious aspects of Christmas or not, a meaningful gift is something that can be very special.


Students at Rancho Cucamonga High School shared some of the most Here are some meaningful Christmas gifs that they’ve ever received.


Briana Marin, a junior, said the most meaningful gift she ever received was from her grandpa. Marin said, “He gave me his medals that he earned from the Vietnam War. This means a lot to me because out of everyone he could have given it to he chose me. This really made an impact on me.”


Junior Jesse Courtright said,  “The most meaningful gift I’ve ever gotten for Christmas was probably clothes because it makes me know that my parents care about me being comfortable and that want me to look nice for big days in my life such as getting my first job, first or last homecoming, and even graduation.”


Ashley Gonzalez said, “I think the most meaningful gift I’ve gotten for Christmas was last year. I’m a part of choir here at school and we got the opportunity to take a trip to New York and perform at Carnegie Hall, but as one can imagine it was a bit pricey, so as a Christmas gift, my parents offered to pay for it. Even though we didn’t get to go due to covid, it was still a memorable gift because I had the chance to attend a once in a lifetime opportunity.”


Brooklyn Shea, a junior at said personalized gifts are memorable. Shea said, “I received a personalized photo book full of memories of my family and friends.”


Though Christmas might look a bit different this year, The Cat’s Eye wishes that everyone has a memorable holiday celebration.