Technology Tops RCHS’s student Christmas Wishlist’s


Aniah Warvie, Staff Reporter

Christmas is around the corner, and holiday shopping is in full swing, which means Christmas wish lists are ready to be fulfilled. Covid-19 is causing shopping experiences to be more challenging than usual for individuals, but that will not stop the Christmas spirit. 

Venise Kang, a junior at RCHS, said she only wants one item for Christmas, and that is the game “Cooking Mama” for her Nintendo Switch. 

Kang said that is the only thing she wants for Christmas because it was an old game she used to play all the time. Kang said, “Cooking Mama is what eventually got me into baking and cooking as a hobby.” 

Kang said she lost interest in the game in middle school but recently saw a YouTube advertisement that brought back childhood nostalgia. Kang said, “I want to revisit that part of my childhood and play the newest version of the game to experience it for myself and introduce it to my younger sister.” 

Iris Fonseca, junior, said a new car and a MacBook are the items on her wishlist this year. Fonseca said she wants a new car because she recently got her permit and is practicing to get her license. Fonseca said, “I just got my permit, and now I’m practicing to get my license in a  few months.” 

Fonseca said she would like a new Honda Accord for her first car. 

Alexandra Mirman, junior, said she has wall posters, books, and clothes on her Christmas wish list. Mirman asked her parents for books because she loves to read. The books Mirman asked for this year are “The Hunger Games” prequel and “Keeper of the Lost Cities.” 

Mirman also asked for a specific pair of jeans and some necklaces. Lastly, Miman asked for some wallpapers because she has been redecorating her room, “I have a whole wall I wanted to fill with printed photos and posters from movies or anything in general.” 

Mirman said she has been having trouble thinking about stuff she wanted for Christmas. Mirman said, “after a lot of thought, I was able to come up with some things I wanted.” 

Esmeralda Quinones, junior, said a new iPhone 11 is on her Christmas wish list this year. Quinones wants a new iPhone because she said her current phone is really old. 

The RCHS wrestling team responded to our Christmas wishlist inquiry on our Instagram account @thecatseyerchs and said that a season of wrestling is on their Christmas wish list this year.