Education to a New Level


Photo courtesy of Chaffey College

Nathan Zamora, Staff Reporter

Many high school students strive to be ahead of the game for their future in ways such as self-studying and participating in summer enrichment classes. Luckily, Chaffey College offers a variety of free courses to Rancho Cucamonga High School students through their High School Partnership Program (HSP). 


Chaffey College offers a Dual Enrollment program for students who are interested in a college class that is not listed under the HSP, but the classes and books come with a fee. On the other hand, taking a class listed under the HSP is free for RCHS students. Students will further their knowledge about the subject they have studied and earn college and high school credits from these classes.


In regards to how these classes impacted him, senior Bilal Suleiman said, “completing these classes early allows me to take other classes I have interest in. It helps me get classes that don’t have to do with my major out of the way.”


Participating in a variety of classes will allow for not only more knowledge and credits, but will open doors to new experiences. Students feel as if they can build relationships with new people and their teachers.


When asked about his experience with Chaffey College classes, Suleiman said, “Chaffey classes were a lot easier than I thought they would be. The workload was very little, and teachers were understanding, just like RCHS.”


For many, the courses are a valuable learning experience and will prove beneficial for the future. Students must sign up through the Chaffey College website where they will acquire a student ID number. The deadline to complete the HSP E-Agreement is January 17th, 2021. Online classes begin on February 1st, 2021.



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