Ms. Gerdes was awarded Top State Honor


Caitlyn Shankle, Copy Editor

The California League of High Schools Educator of the Year honor is awarded to ten teachers annually. Rancho Cucamonga High School’s very own Ms. Karen Gerdes was one of the ten educators nominated this year. 

Ms. Gerdes is a physics teacher at Rancho. In fact, she was even Mr. Eduardo Zaldivar’s teacher when he was a student at RCHS. Mr. Zaldivar is the current RCHS principal.

Ms. Gerdes said, “I was honored to be nominated by our principal, Mr. Zaldivar. I love being an educator and I have learned a lot over my 36 years of teaching. My students have enriched my life and challenged me. I can’t imagine my life any other way.”

Mr. Zaldivar said he nominated Ms. Gerdes for this award because she cares about the school. Mr. Zaldivar said, “She is part of the staff that opened our school years ago and she has been so important in the process of impacting students’ lives and building a great school culture.” 

Ms. Gerdes is such an amazing teacher, and she brings so much joy to our students at Rancho. Mr. Zaldivar said, “She gives every student an opportunity to learn and supports them to succeed in her class. She will literally spend an endless amount of time at school to help students! I am compelled to share that she was also my teacher when I was a student at Rancho!” 

RCHS is so proud of Ms. Gerdes and so thankful to have her as a teacher.. Congratulations Ms. Gerdes.