RCHS Gift-Giving Guide


Natalie Masachi, Editor-in-chief

Even in the most ordinary of years, the holidays can be a stressful time, and with so much going on in 2020, there is no need to waste excessive time or money thinking about finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list.


One thing to keep in mind is this: holiday shopping is shaping up to look really different this year, just like so much else that is out of the ordinary right now. Many people are ordering their gifts online and are worrying about delivery delays.


Students at Rancho Cucamonga High School recently provided their take on what perfect gifts ideas for family and friends. 


Justin Oberholtz, a senior at RCHS, provided some helpful ideas. Oberholtz said, “these are what I believe the general population of RCHS would want” he goes on to list items such as: 

– a nice wallet (leather or black)

– AirPods (some people don’t have them yet)

– PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X/Nintendo Switch

– DNA Ancestry Kit

– A subscription to a streaming service

– A nice wireless charger 

– Portable speaker

– Name brand hoodies or sweats


It’s easier than ever to find what you’re searching for with so many choices available online to have everyone crossed off your list. Here are some gifts that you can find with a click. 


Alyssa Falk, a senior at RCHS, shared what she believes is a great gift. Falk said, “the color changing dino room decor” which can be found through the link exclusively on Amazon. 


Senior Natasha Kasozi also shared another room decor piece that is affordable and can spice up your room. Kasozi suggested the LED Plug in Fairy Lights.


Given recent events, room decor is a brilliant idea because students stay in their rooms more than ever before. It is always a good idea to change things in your environment. 


Although giving presents and shopping for gifts looks different this year, it shouldn’t be overwhelming. Whether you order gifts online, pick them up from the shop, or just made by you, it’s always a great idea to tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them.