What’s Rancho Watching? A Look at TV-Shows and Movies

Caitlyn Shankle, Editor

Throughout these eight months of staying home and having nothing to do, students at Rancho Cucamonga High School have found shows that they sat and watched and rewatched over and over again. Throughout the quarantine, students found new favorite shows or binge-watched the classics.

Here’s a look at what students at RCHS watched over quarantine.

Netflix has had many shows air since the start of quarantine back in March, but one of the most recent and most talked about shows has been Julie and the Phantoms. The show is about a girl, Julie, who is trying to reconnect with her love of music when she meets three ghosts, Reggie, Luke, and Alex, who were in a band before they died, and they help Julie find her love for music again.

“The songs and the story line is great, and the characters make each episode more dynamic” said sophomore Giselle Edwards

Other Netflix shows have come out since the quarantine like Outer Banks, Grand Army, and Never Have I Ever, but students have also binged watched older series.

Edwards said she watched Grey’s Anatomy over quarantine. She said she watched it, “because so many people watched the show and I knew it would be a good watch.”

Grey’s Anatomy currently has 16 complete seasons, and they are currently in the middle of airing their 17th season.

Disney+ has put out many new shows since they launched their streaming service in the beginning of last November, but many people prefer to just rewatch their favorite TV shows.

Junior, Gabriel Sanchez said his favorite show on Disney+ is Phineas and Ferb. Disney also brought the Broadway Musical, Hamilton to the service in July.

Teryn and Cenai Mathias, both sophomores at RCHS, said, “The first thing we watched was Hamilton.”

In addition to watching and binge-watching streaming TV-shows, many RCHS students spent time over quarantine watching movies.

Edwards said she watched Hidden Figures over the quarantine. She said she likes the movie, “because it shows how racism affected their jobs, and it inspired me to want to work in computer engineering, or be a mathematician.”

Sanchez said his favorite movie at the moment is, Avengers Infinity War. “No matter how many times I see it, I always love seeing my favorite superheroes on screen,” Sanchez said.

Rancho, The Cat’s Eye staff would love to hear about your favorite TV-show or movie. Leave a comment below telling us which shows and movies are your favorite.