How Students Dressed up this Halloween

Madison McMurray , Editor



This year with COVID-19 many students are not celebrating or dressing up for Halloween. Here are a few costumes from students that did dress up and the idea behind them.
Senior, Amoha Bhale, decided to be a Hogwarts student. Bhale said, “ If I am honest, the idea came to me because of Tik Tok videos, specifically the recently popular Dracotok.” To get her costume ready, Bhale had to improvise with stuff around the house since she can not go out much due to Covid. She said,” I used a random black robe as the main uniform piece, found a tie in my dad’s closet, and paired it with a red headband, and then I had the costume altogether. I even decided to create a wand out of a pencil and some hot glue.”
Kendall Diaz is a current Senior, and for her costume this year, she went for a couples costume. Diaz said, “my boyfriend and I both love Disney and grew up watching Winnie the pooh, so it was perfect.” To get her costume perfect, she had to go to many stores to find the exact look, and then Diaz ironed a “pooh” label on her short and painted the “honey” on the jar.
Junior, Bella Guerrero, and her friend group wanted to be safe and stay home, so they decided since they were not going out, they would wear matching pajama pants. Guerrero said, “we took a last-minute trip to 5Below, which was closed, then we went to Target, and that is where we all got the pants.”
Senior Cayla Mathias decided to be a nurse. Mathias said, “I know that there is so much going on in the world right now, and nurses are the ones who took the ULTIMATE sacrifice, they are heroes.” Since her mom works at Kaiser, she already had the scrubs at home. Mathias said, “I wanted to represent all nurses and thankful for the sacrifices they have been taking for us.”
Caleigh Montini is currently a senior, and she dressed up as boo. Montini said, “my family members have always said that I looked like boo from Monsters INC when I was little, so when I asked them what I should dress up as and that’s what they suggested this year.” Montini wanted to be comfortable in her costume, so this was a perfect idea. Montini said, “all had to do was go buy a pink t-shirt and some hair bands and wear some purple leggings. It was a very easy costume to create and is perfect to watch scary movies in.”
Senior Lauren Munar has always been a fan of Taylor Swift, and she is such a big part of her childhood, so she figured why not. Munar said the costume consisted of a lot of Amazon shopping and research on her looks from her reputation album and tour.
Junior Denise Oviedo has a more simple way from how she came up with the costume idea and how she got it. Oviedo said, “when I was at Party City, I saw it there and decided I wanted to dress up as a pirate. So I went, and I found all the different pieces of the costume, and I bought them.”
Senior Olivia Smart said,” I got some really ugly snakeskin shoes. I did not know what to do with them until I decided they would be perfect for a Cruella Deville costume. However, I didn’t even end up wearing them with the costume.” To make her costume, it consisted of a lot of online shopping.
Lastly, we have Caroline Smart, Freshman, she and her cousin decided to dress up as Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc. Smart’s cousin was the one to come with the idea. To prepare her costume, Smart had to use felt, hot glue, and an oversized t-shirt.
This year students are having a difficult time adapting to the restrictions brought on by COVID-19, but many RCHS students still celebrated Halloween by dressing up.