How to Update Your Closet This Fall


Amelia Mora , Staff Reporter

During quarantine, have you been online shopping more than usual? Yeah me too. Fashion has produced many popular trends during quarantine, and now is a perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with new and trendy styles. It’s such a great way to treat yourself with some new clothes and accessories that you’ve always wanted.

Fall fashion is quite popular right now. Having a shoulder bag, claw clips, oversized hoodies, and some cute platforms has been “the look.”

The trends have been endless this fall, and with winter coming around the corner, fall fashion keeps getting better and better. The best thing about these trends is that all clothing and accessories can be for anyone, no matter the size or gender.

Some of the trends that have been all over Pinterest and Instagram is a classy LA look, where you wear beautiful jewelry, some wide-leg jeans, and a cute leather jacket. For this look, there will be lots of neutral colors such as black, brown, tan, cream, etc.

Another trend that is making a comeback is the early 2000’s look, wearing low-rise jeans, platform tennis shoes, and layering a sweater vest. This trend uses pops of color and fun patterns such as cheetah and zebra.

Accessories have been a big part with fashion, especially this year. Layering necklaces together or wearing simple and elegant rings have been the most popular trend. Also, having a cute shoulder bag with some thick, black sunglasses have also been popular too.

Another fall fashion trend is having antique jewelry like your grandmother’s old watch or wearing thick hoop earrings. People have been layering both gold and silver jewelry together, so you can wear either one or both!

Especially with quarantine, people have been finding new online stores that are now popular like, Pretty Little Thing, Princess Polly, and M Jewelers. Yet with everything slowly opening back up including malls, some of the in-store shops that have been popular are Urban Outfitters, ZARA, and Abercrombie and Fitch. However, the place that has been the most popular is thrift stores. This year thrift stores have been a great place to find cute clothes for a great price. People love saving money on buying vintage clothes, but also reusing clothes to help save the environment by recycling them.

Being on our phones and computers everyday has made it easy to find style inspiration. So many people follow fashion influencers and celebrities to find the new fashion trends, but put their own twist on it. To name a few, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Emma Chamberlin are known for their trendy, yet unique, fashion.

Even though following celebrities and influencers for style inspiration is helpful, having your own sense of style is even better. These are just some of the trends that you can follow and maybe create your own look with. The trends are endless and go for everyone. The best thing about these fall trends is that as long as you feel comfortable and confident while wearing them, then it’s the best style ever!