RCHS Enjoys Fun Fall Activities


Michelle Padilla 12th grade

Michelle is enjoying her trip at Oak Glen.

Natalie Nguyen, Staff Reporter

Now that fall is here, many Rancho Cucamonga High School students are enjoying new activities and favorite fall pastimes. Here is a look at how some Rancho students like to enjoy the fall season.


Colleen Buliag is a senior and her favorite fall activity is baking. Buliag started to bake because she said it’s relaxing and she gets delicious products afterward.


She started baking when she was in eighth grade. Buliag wanted to try something new over the summer in middle school. She enjoys baking with her loved ones.





Michelle Padilla, a senior, said her favorite fall activity is visiting apple orchards and farms to buy marmalades or apple pies. She also likes to drink hot chocolate while she reads. Padilla said she also likes to knit scarves sometimes during the fall.


Since Padilla came to the United States about five years ago, back in Mexico they don’t really have specific things for fall like here. She first started showing interest in fall activities when her dad’s friends took them to an apple orchard to buy pies and see the giant trees. She really enjoyed the experience.


Ms. Jenna Salcedo, a senior English teacher, said her favorite activity is going hiking. She enjoys this because it is wonderful once the heat of the summer is over.


Ms. Salcedo usually goes up to the foothills and the mountains. She said the experience is very peaceful. She also said that it is amazing to get an accomplished hike and see the beautiful views. Ms. Salcedo and her husband have been hiking locally ever since they started dating almost 20 years ago.






Whether it’s baking or apple-picking or hiking the foothills, there are many local fall activities in Rancho.