Ways to Avoid Social Media Influence

Dhani Scott, Staff Reporter

Social media is one of the biggest things that the internet has brought us, and there is virtually no way of escaping it and its influence. Most teens get their news from certain social media platforms such as Twitter. On certain occasions they can even become “influencers” themselves and try to spread their own information and get themselves canceled in the process too.


Over the past decade, social media has quickly become more influential than other popular sources of information. Social media helps people spread false information or beliefs on multiple topics.


So, does Snapchat, Discord, or TikTok really sound like a reliable source for current events, politics, or general information? I don’t think so. Sadly, some people will read or see a 15-second clip of so-called news and like or repost the content without checking to see if it’s true. This is just outrageous knowing that more credible sources are only a few clicks and searches away.


I try to avoid getting my information from social media platforms and here are my three simple ways to do so:

  1. Fact check on credible news sources. Do not just get your information from celebrities, influencers, forum pages, and other random internet sources that are not credible.
  2. Read a book on topics such as global warming, the history of the United States, or finances. This will hopefully keep you from falling for the next pyramid scheme.
  3. Lastly and possibly the most unpopular choice would be to disconnect for a while. Turn off your phone, relax, or do something productive.

Take the time to get properly informed. Have your own ideas and opinions, and do not be fooled by trolls or self-proclaimed influencers. The next time a viral story pops up, take the time to fact check the information before reposting it, so that your opinion is credible.