RCHS Students Get Imaginative with Covid-Friendly Halloween Activities

Luca Castaneda, Staff Reporter

Spooky season is officially here, Cougars! Many students at Rancho Cucamonga High School want to have fun during the season and plan events and activities for Halloween. However, many traditional Halloween activities are restricted due to Covid-19 concerns. Despite the restrictions and concerns, there are several Covid-friendly activities nearby for many of those who want to make plans for spooks and frighs!


There are quite a few students who prefer haunted houses as one of the most fun Halloween activities. Due to Covid-19, alternatives have been put in with great effort to give you the same chills.


Junior Erica Lubatti said, “There is a drive through Halloween event in Orange County Fair Grounds where you stay in your car and actors come near you to scare you.”


This drive-through event is the Urban Legends of Southern California, which is a 45-minute drive through a haunted house.


Many students enjoy and rather prefer watching movies with friends as a Halloween activity. Although get togethers and parties are not safe because of Covid-19, there are other options for watching some Halloween movies with friends and family.


One option is a virtual watch party on streaming applications such as Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+. Junior Tina Nguyen said, “I plan to watch movies on Disney+ with my friends on Halloween.”


According to Nguyen, Disney+ offers a watch party feature like Netflix. Friends may also be able to watch movies with you in person.


Junior Roman Narvatte said, “I am hanging out with friends to watch a scary movie outside.” Navarette and his friends decided to watch the movie outside in order to enable social distancing. Therefore, viewing parties are not all that impossible!


Some students prefer activities that are not spooky, and that is entirely possible. One example is the Pumpkin Patch. Junior Sofia Magbiray said, “I want to social distance, but I would like to go to the pumpkin patch.”


Although a handful of pumpkin patches have been closed due to Coronavirus concerns, some have remained open such as Tanaka Farms and have created amusing games for the enjoyment of the public. Tanaka Farms is a pumpkin patch in Orange County open for drive through along with social distancing guidelines for the convenience of all customers.


Although many Halloween traditions have been canceled and restricted due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many students and events have made an effort to make it an enjoyable experience despite the restrictions and guidelines.


Remember to have fun and stay safe, Cougars!

Happy Halloween!