Clubs Navigating Distance Learning


Ryoko Mukai

Key Club 2019

Ryoko Mukai, Staff Reporter

This school year was not what we all expected, but some aspects of traditional school life have found ways to adapt. Clubs are such a big part of Rancho Cucamonga High School student’s culture, and when distance learning started, many questions arose for the clubs, their leadership, and their members.


Jael Soriano, President of Key Club, takes a positive twist on the current virtual meetings saying, “It is easier now to attend events all around the division as everything is just a click away.”


Key Club has been focusing on promoting Zooms through social media and keeping members connected without physically meeting. Although recruiting new members has proven difficult without the usual club rush, Soriano sees it as an opportunity to get to know each member better.


Clubs such as Best of Buddies, unfortunately, could not keep their club running through distance learning. Kalysta Brett, Best of Buddies president, said, “We haven’t been able to organize any club meetings so far. Since our club is centered on participating with the classes’ activities, we haven’t had much luck in distance learning.”


However, Brett does have plans for future events such as a virtual movie or game night. The club is working through the details. At this time, because of Covid-19, Best of Buddies does not have an operational social media presence.


To stay connected with clubs during this time, social media is very important. If you want to join or see upcoming events from Key Club their handle is @rchskc on Instagram and Twitter.