How Rancho Students are Keeping Busy at Home

Aniah Warvie, Staff Reporter

Due to Covid-19 being a worldwide pandemic, it has limited students’ desire to live in normal conditions. Malls, movie theaters, schools, businesses, restaurants, and so much more have been closed because of the virus. People are forced to find a distraction to keep busy at home while places are shut down. Here is a look at what some Rancho students are doing to keep occupied while practicing safe social distancing. 


Harylenne Gill, a junior, said she’s been doing plenty of things in her free time. Gill said, “I mainly watch Netflix, I’ve recently been watching Criminal Minds and Shameless but I recently finished Umbrella Academy.” 


She also claims she, “Really enjoys painting so I had the opportunity to do that more often as well as having movie nights every other day with my family”. Having school online has been really stressful for Gill because “sometimes canvas doesn’t work and I rather learn in person which is what I am familiar and comfortable with.”


Bella Barajas, junior, said the lockdown has encouraged her to take up on cooking and getting closer to her family. Barajas said, “We’ve been doing simple things like eating dinner together and watching movies together”. She’s been making a ton of meals like shrimp, chicken, Mexican food, and different kinds of pasta for her family. Bella states she misses when “life was normal, and being able to hangout with friends and go to the mall and amusement parks.” 


Barajas says having school online and not in person makes it “a bit harder to get work done and it’s a little more overwhelming trying to figure everything out.” 


Jonah Camacho, junior, said he’s tried to keep himself occupied by finding new things to learn and do during this time. Camacho participates in theatre here at RCHS, which kept him super busy before quarantine.


Camacho said, “I used to be busy with several rehearsals for shows and other theatre related activities, but now I’ve been taking this time to focus on what I  can improve with my performance.” 


He’s done several performances, but he says he personally doesn’t have a favorite. He said, “There are many different things from each show that have been special to me in their own unique way such as the cast or just the feel of the show.”


Camacho senses that having school online hasn’t been going too bad for him, even though he said, “sometimes I’ve encountered some technical trouble; my teachers are always forgiving.” 


Like many other students, Camacho hopes that we will get back to in person classes. 


Jayda Redd, junior, said she’s kept herself pretty busy at home since the lockdown. Rudd said, “I’ve kept myself busy by experiencing new things such as painting, doing my own nails, and even started a lipgloss business.”


Redd also mentioned she’s watched new shows on netflix to keep busy. She said, “lately I’ve been watching Orange is the New Black and American Horror Story ”. Jayda says she does miss being able to go out because she “would like to socialize with her peers” but then again she claims she really doesn’t mind being at home. Jayda claims having school online is “kind of hard because we have to learn while being distant and I’m a visual learner”.