To Vaccine or Not to Vaccinate? Rancho Students Answer the Question


This was drawn by Dhani Scott, Staff Reporter

Alexis Fabela, Staff Reporter

During the 2020-2021 school year, students at Rancho Cucamonga High School are distance learning because of the pandemic. 

While most people are staying home, I asked some students about how they are feeling about Covid-19. I also asked them if there was a Covid-19 vaccine, would they get it?

Here is what many of the students at RCHS had to say.

Mariah Williams, a sophomore at RCHS, said, “Yes, I would take the vaccine because it would prevent me from making more cases.” 

However, sophomore Tayler Blank said no. Blank said, “No, I would not want to take the vaccine because you do not know if it will kill you in the future.” 

People have different opinions about taking this vaccine in the future. 

Sophomore Isabella Hernandez said, “Yes, I would take the vaccine because I want to be safe, and you do not know who you can trust around you.” 

Lyssa Eriskine, a Junior at RCHS, said, “I would take It because I have an underlying condition so I would want all of the protection that I could get against COVID.”

Junior Marceles Burgess said, “I would take it to make sure I’m healthy and not spreading it to my family or others, and it’s good to have that positive check from the vaccine.”

Sophomore Khloe Scarbrough said, “It would be preferred to get the COVID vaccine so I can finally go around and hang out with my family, due to them being paranoid on the whole thing. Besides, it would be a lot better to get one small step closer to everything opening up again.”

Senior Samantha Loring said, “My mom doesn’t want me getting it, who knows what that does to your body.”

Senior Emily Connell said, “I would probably like to wait at least six months to see how my peers and family do with the vaccine. I think its kind of strange. The vaccines i got when i was little were all vaccines that have been used for years before i was born. This is just something they are doing so everyone doesn’t die.”

Senior Maya Ghabboura said, “I won’t get the corona vaccine as soon as it becomes available, I would like to see how others react to it first. I feel that they don’t really know much about this virus so how can they create a vaccine or cure for it.”

As of right now, there are no US COVID19 vaccines available. All of the vaccines are currently in clinical trials.