Room Reflection


Noemi Orozco, Assistant Editor

Our bedrooms can be a reflection of who we are and how we’re feeling. Some may follow an aesthetic or maybe let a clutter of things pile up. Others may let their room embody their personality or even dedicate the entirety of their room to a person, place, or thing they adore.


As we continue to isolate ourselves more than ever before, our bedrooms have become more than just a place used to store our personal memorabilia and random junk. It has transformed into this safe space that allows us to thrive in our own thoughts and protects us from the realities of our world’s current affairs.


It’s a place where we tend to escape with our passions and aspirations- whether that means it’s used to hang up one’s own art or considered one’s private “makeup studio”. It’s where most of us find ourselves ignoring our outside problems by blasting our favorite music, binging a new television series, or even just simply sitting in pure silence. Most importantly, it’s a place where we can count on to run back to.


For senior Karola Mashkotiazad, it’s a place where she can express her true self, as well as give a testament to her love for 80s cyberpunk films and anime by hanging up posters dedicated to some of her favorite movies and artists.


“The movie posters I have up are a Blade Runner (1982) poster, an Akira (1988) poster, and Spirited Away (2001). On the other hand, some of the art that I have up is from Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, and some of my art as well” Mashkotiazad said.


Mashkotiazad also expresses the great significance that her room holds during this time of quarantine saying, “During this time, my room is important because it is really who I am. I spend a lot of time in here now, so it reflects my headspace and my mental state. When my room is a mess, my state of mind is a mess. When it’s clean and looks organized, I feel much better. It’s also very important to make sure you feel like your room is only your room, hence why I put posters/art up and decorate it the way I want it to be. Your room represents you.”


This time of isolation grants us a moment to finally carry out new hobbies and even a chance to redecorate the environment we surround ourselves in. Ariana Rodriguez, a junior at Rancho Cucamonga High School and avid K-pop fan, shares that she continues to bring in additions to her room to display more of the things she loves- whether that is adding new posters or simple decorations.


“I added a couple of BTS posters to my poster wall and also made some hanging butterfly decorations that I put on my ceiling, so it looks like they’re flying around my room,” says Rodriguez.


Rodriguez also tries to embrace herself in things she finds joy and inspiration from to keep going during difficult times, “Well for the past couple months my room has been the place I’m in the most and I think it’s important that your room is a healthy and comfortable atmosphere for you so that you can push forward in everything you do.”


So whether it’s big or small, shared with a sibling or entirely your own, our rooms have become a safe haven that should never be taken for granted during these times of constant stress and despair. Yet as ironic as it sounds, having our freedom taken away has given us the free opportunity to try new things, a brand new sense of liberation, and a new idea of hope just from our bedrooms.