How are students feeling about family stress?


Inzmam Khan

A boy stressing on a bench

Isabella Carcamo, Staff Reporter

Rancho Cucamonga High School is opening the new school year of 2020 to 2021 with distance learning.


With so many students  under pressure being quarantined, are they having stress at home? Especially students, are they stressed about their school work? How are students handling family stress during this time?


The students at RCHS answer questions about how they feel about family stress.


One sophomore shared how she feels about stress with family. She said, “depending on the day, my stress level tends to increase more especially with distance learning.”


She said that because of this, she usually goes and stays in her room, closed in, and shuts her family out.


Another sophomore said, “it seems more stressful because [my family is] constantly surrounded by each other.” To get her mind off of things and deal with her stress. She usually goes on walks, sometimes she even helps her mom out with stress too.


Another sophomore feels that things back home are so stressful especially because “everything about distance learning, zoom calls, and canvas. it’s all so confusing. Especially if my parents don’t get it either, they get upset with me for being confused. It’s stressful here at home with my family because I can never find a quiet place and my little sister always wants to talk to me but I’m in class.”


To deal with his stress, this student plays video games and plays music to escape from stress.


Coming from three students it sounds like if you could ask anyone that attends school how they’re holding up, they would give the same answer: remote learning is tough.


All these students feel as if they’re tired of family. Being quarantined for so long they feel like spending too much time with them is getting difficult, With the stress of remote learning, students are finding that they are having more stress at home and with their families.


Even if a student isn’t feeling stressed at home, it’s good to know that coming from these students that nobody is alone.


To help cope with the stress, you must distract yourself from all the negativity. And remind yourself that you are not alone.


If students are feeling stressed, they can reach out to their guidance counselors for help with managing school work, managing stress, and working through the difficulties of remote learning. Students can call or email their counselors.