Meet Mr. Zaldivar, the New RCHS Principal


Mr. Eduardo Zaldivar is the new RCHS principal.

The Cat's Eye Staff

Coming back to the place where it all began, former RCHS graduate Mr. Eduardo Zaldivar returns to Rancho Cucamonga High School as the new school principal.

Mr. Zaldivar comes to RCHS after serving as the principal at Ontario High School since 2014. As one of the members of Rancho’s first graduating class, Mr. Zaldivar said that one of his motivators for returning to RCHS is his emotional attachment returning to the campus.

“It feels great, but it would feel greater if the students were here” said Mr. Zaldivar.

One of his goals for being principal is to create a safe and comfortable environment where people, both students and staff, can be heard. He said he wants to establish Rancho as “ a place that is full of open communication and a place that is safe enough for kids and adults to communicate openly, effectively, and comfortably.”

When asked about his leadership philosophy, Mr. Zaldivar said, “I believe in listening to people. I want to be inclusive and honest.”

In addition to open communication on campus, Mr. Zaldivar also said he wants “to inspire students and staff to be their best.” He said that he hopes that Rancho will be a place to inspire all students to find something they love to do after high school.

Mr. Zaldivar said he hopes students can, “find a career that [students] love waking up to and don’t make it like it is a forced thing to do.“

Being the RCHS principal, he said, “never feels like a job;” and he hopes that the school can help students find that as well.

Mr. Zaldivar has four children ages 13 and under. During his freetime, Mr. Zaldivar enjoys spending time with his children, getting to know his children, playing basketball, and mountain biking.

Coming in as principal during the Coronavirus pandemic and distance learning, Mr. Zaldivar wants everyone to know that our current school situation is temporary. He said, “nothing lasts forever…keep hope alive and take this opportunity to learn as much as you can.”

According to Mr. Zaldivar, being the new RCHS principal is an “absolute honor.” He wants everyone to “know that we’ll come back and make the most of it.”