Fitness at Home for RCHS Students


Ashley Sanchez

Junior James Rivera completes gorilla jumps in his driveway to stay in shape for baseball.

Luca Castaneda, Staff Reporter

This 2020-2021 school year, Rancho Cucamonga High School students facing a challenge of maintaining physical fitness at home because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

There are many sports at RCHS, and many of which require students to maintain a level of physical condition. Also, there are RCHS students not involved in sports who like to maintain their physical condition as well. Many gyms have closed due to the current Pandemic. Here is  how RCHS students use different methods to maintain physical fitness at home.

Students on sports teams such as baseball, football, dance, etc. are assigned at home bodyweight workouts such as push ups, sit ups, squats, and many other workouts. Junior Ashley Sanchez, who is on the RCHS cheer squad, said ¨We get workouts from our teachers as assignments.¨ Workouts vary between what kind of conditioning is required for each sport. PE classes assign lists of workouts or youtube videos depending on the day.

Students who do not participate in sports do bodyweight workouts as well. However, they recieve training or instruction through youtube videos or fitness applications on personal devices. Others who have equipment at home are able to do their usual workouts. Junior Kolton Clark said ¨I use my weights and bowflex for my arms.¨

Although there are many methods of staying physically active, most students at RCHS stay fit by simply doing everyday activities. These activities include chores such as cleaning or doing laundry. Others include hobbies like gardening, cooking, and baking.

Students at RCHS differ when it comes to explaining their enjoyment of working out at home. Many do not like to stay fit at home due to bad workout environments.

Junior Zeyir Lasley Shabete, who is on the RCHS track team, stated ¨It does get kind of boring when you are not around other people.¨ However, other students prefer to workout at home normally due to having equipment or simply not liking the gym environment.

Overall RCHS students, there are many different techniques to stay physically active at home. While it is only temporary due to the pandemic, students will be able to develop their own personal workouts for themselves.

Stay fit and stay safe, Cougars!