2023 Senior Excursion

The senior class traveled by bus to the 2023 Senior Excursion at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Friday, April 14. During the senior trip, seniors stayed at Six Flags for the entirety of the day and had the freedom to explore the park.

Senior Tania Guadarrama said, “The most memorable part was honestly being surrounded by good people and realizing how we could depend on each other to be responsible while having the most fun.

   Guadarrama described the numerous rides to choose from and that there was a ride for everyone. She also explained how the line wait times were relatively short, which gave the students more time to enjoy what the park had to offer.

The picture depicts people resting after an exciting day at Six Flags.      (Photo by Juestina Schenken)

   Senior Isabella Hernandez also recommends the next senior class to choose Six Flags Magic Mountain for the Senior Excursion destination.

   “ASFs the rides are enjoyable and there’s never a boring moment there,” senior Isabell Hernandez said.

   Hernandez explained that she enjoyed having the freedom to hang out with friends instead of being worried about following a chaperone around. The seniors had to only worry about what time to be back at the buses at the end of the day to leave the park.

   “The most memorable part about the senior excursion was the fun and enjoyable moments that me and my friends had,” Hernandez said.