Lizzo’s brand “YITTY” set to release gender-affirming clothing articles


Graphic design by: Nimrah Khan

Singer-songwriter and rapper Lizzo is set to release a line of size-inclusive athletic clothing and shapewear in collaboration with Fabletics.

Four-time Grammy award-winning artist Lizzo created a line of fitness and shapewear in collaboration with Fabletics, an all-inclusive fitness website started by actress Kate Hudson. The collaboration branch of the brand, labeled “Yitty” a nickname Lizzo was given by her aunt, is a size-inclusive athletic and shapewear brand that expands from a size xs to 6x.

On March 31, 2023, The official Yitty account announced via Twitter that Yitty would be releasing a line of gender-affirming clothing spanning from chest binders to tucking undergarments. 

The act of coming up with “do-it-yourself” ways to create gender-affirming clothing has been around for decades. According to XYZ, The act of chest binding even dates back to the 1920s..

In recent months, the LGBTQIA+ community has been at the center of many anti-LGBTQIA+ bills as many laws have been passed in Congress. Lizzo’s announcement seemed to be a beacon of hope for many out there due to the negativity out there.

“It’s honestly amazing. I wear both men’s and women’s clothing. If her clothing can make one person feel safe, it can make many feel safe,” Rancho Cucamonga High School senior Nicholas Saldavar said.

“I think it’s helpful for that population to feel supported and comfortable,” Ms. Kristin Herchenroeder said. Herchenroeder serves as the RCHS GSA club adviser.`” There’s nothing wrong with wanting that accommodation to make themselves feel comfortable.”

According to, in one year, the demand and want for gender-neutral clothing and gender-affirming clothing has gone up by 85% This demand comes from the younger generation (Gen Z), and up to 75% of Millennials make up the rest of that demographic. 

Seeing someone in the spotlight as much as Lizzo show their allyship to the LGBTQIA+ community can hopefully make many LGBTQIA+ youth feel accepted and hopeful.