The Super Mario Bros. movie levels up to the game


The official The Super Mario Bros. Movie courtesy Universal Pictures

The traditional character poster showcasing the heroes.

Over the years we’ve seen video game movie after video game movie, having wide ranges of quality from mediocre to amazing. Major movie studios have released anything from the live adaptation of the furry blue hedgehog to the gory sights of the “Mortal Kombat” series.

Though we haven’t seen anything as popular until now with Illumination’s “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”. Released April 5, 2023, the Mario Bros. have already made a positive impact on the video game movie genre with great ratings on sites, such as IMDb.

However, long-term fans did not immediately accept the movie for a multitude of reasons. The main issue being the voice of the fabled red-hat plumber Mario, Chris Pratt.

As many know from the games, the Italian plumber Mario is originally voiced by Charles Martinet, and the decision to replace him with the mainstream actor upset many.

Upon release of the movie, many can agree Pratt exceeded expectations and brought more life to the character than is already seen in the games.

Keeping with the topic of voice actors, everyone who has seen the film can agree that there was huge success in including Jack Black to play the main villain, Bowser.

A fan who saw the movie opening night, senior Daphne Silva-Cruz, shared her opinion on Black’s performance.

“I just love Jack Black. He completely dominated someone else’s movie,” Silva-Cruz said.

Black goes from playing a loud roaring monster to a quiet, sensitive reptile to breaking into song to declare his love for the princess.

Along with the great vocal performances, the movie makes great efforts to pay homage to all the games, dating back to the “Donkey Kong” arcade game. Some of the other games include “Mario Kart,” “Super Mario 3D World,” and even the spin-off game “Luigi’s Mansion.”

Many memorable characters were shown throughout the different kingdoms they visit during their adventure, some with more minor roles than others, though it is still fun for all fans to point out every random creature.

Another great inclusion in the movie is the use of the many power-ups Mario uses and how they play more pivotal roles than expected.

The animation company behind the film, Illumination, is known for movie series like “Despicable Me,” “The Secret Life Of Pets,” and “Sing;” however, this project shows off some of their best animation work.

The colorful and child-like features of the video games are fully carried to their extent as the story unfolds and the adventure begins.

Though this movie cannot be all greatness, as it falls short when it reaches the credits. There is a lack of complete resolution, once the fight is finished we do not see a denouement, only the fact that the brothers are back together again.

However, viewers are left still waiting to see what is next for the Mario Bros. and their new adventure on the big screen, filled with more familiar faces and Easter eggs for the fans.