Supporting our law enforcement

Law enforcement officers are exactly who they sound like: the ones who enforce the laws. However, they are so much more to our communities and the world. They are our protector, they are here to serve you and our communities, and they are the first ones you call when you need help. 

Many law-enforcement supporters are scared to voice their opinions due to possible backlash. It’s important to keep law enforcement within communities as they work every day to keep communities and our world safe. People may not see the immediate impact of their presence, but when the time comes and you truly need them the most, it is when you see their true benefits and intentions. 

Some claim there are faults within the system of law enforcement, and they aren’t wrong. Just as every system or organization has faults are areas in which they can improve, law enforcement does too. Although, one officer does not reflect all the officers. While there are some bad officers, more and more of the bad officers are receiving punishments and being relieved of their duties.

Everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable in their communities. Law enforcement can’t solve all the problems facing society today, but they can surely help.

Statistics of crime are a modern invention that provides evidence of crime rates with and without law enforcement.

For example, the U.S. Department of Justice released a recent study held by the Office of Justice Programs that showed a connection between police presence and crime prevention. It found that different methods of patrol techniques result in different outcomes.  

“Several studies have found that the use of aggressive patrol techniques such as vehicle stops and stakeouts produce high arrest rates and low crime rates,” author J. J. Rouse wrote.  

Overall, this study reveals how an officer’s approach to an issue can shift how the situation plays out. 

According to the Department of Justice, the amount of force or aggression tactics used will not be best for different groups of people and how they respond to it. Sometimes less is better however, in certain situations more is better. It also shows that change is trying to take place and be enforced to see which tactic would best reduce crime. 

The community should be more open-minded about the positive impact officers have and understand that they are here to serve and protect you.