The inside scoop of Improv Club

Students in Improv Club participate in a Harry Potter sketch during one of their lunch meetings.

 The Improv Club at RCHS was Started by Mr. John Schade several years ago, the club gives students the opportunity to work on their improvisational acting skills and just have fun with the topics and ideas they are given.

The improv acting itself takes place in the form of games. Schade asks for topics from people not participating, and the actors have to take those ideas and make something up on the spot. Other times, some of the games are pre-planned with a single topic and idea for the students to work off of. 

But the purpose of the Improv Club isn’t to just give actors more experience in improvisational acting. Students don’t even have to participate in the acting if they don’t want to. 

Rather, Schade wants to create an environment where students can get creative with ideas and just have fun. 

“I think it’s skills you can use even if you’re not an actor,” said Liam Flennikan. “It’s just playing a lot of fun games with fun people.”

Many of the students who participate have little to no background in acting.

“This isn’t just for actors or theater students; I want to make that clear,” Schade said. “This is for anybody who just wants to have a good time.”

Improv Club meets every Wednesday during first lunch in room H302.