How we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day lands on March 17 of each year. This holiday is known to be one of the smaller holidays people celebrate. However, people still have traditions that are passed down through generations, regardless if they have any Irish ancestry.

So, why and how do people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

“We make corn beef and boiled potatoes and steamed cabbage, every St. Patrick’s Day, And although I don’t drink green beer we do have other kinds of green drinks that go along with that,” English teacher Ms. Kay Williams-Pierce said.

Williams-Pierce shared her earliest memory of her family’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration to be when she was able to eat. This family tradition has been within her family for many generations. Pierce expressed this tradition is not only just something her family does, but also its good food too!

Senior Samantha Hoffman said, “We all get together. My grandma makes an Irish stew that’s made of a lot of potatoes, and we have a traditional Irish dinner. Our whole house is decorated in green, and my mom makes a green pistachio cake.”

Although Hoffman stated that her grandma is from Mexican heritage, she learned how to cook traditional Irish dishes for Hoffman’s grandpa, who had Irish heritage. Hoffman’s family still keeps this tradition alive even after the passing of her grandpa.

Sophomore Lauren Maldonado said, “It all started when I was young and my mom would dress me up for St. Patrick’s Day every year. Every year she buys those St. Patrick’s Day cookies from the store. She usually decorates the house every holiday.”

Maldonaldo recalled that her mom used to dress her up for St. Patrick’s Day with bows every year. She expressed that her mom likes to go all out for any holiday that comes around.

Family St. Patrick’s Day traditions and the reason for celebrating can vary, but they all tie back to family traditions and the love that they bring to the family.