Many of today’s everyday items are because of Black inventors

Caption: Related Quiz on Black invention mentioned in this story

Graphic by: Sierra Hall

Caption: Related Quiz on Black invention mentioned in this story

During February, the month when we celebrate Black history, it’s important to remember the Black inventors who created all the essentials and resourceful things we use in everyday life.

There are a lot of tools or even food that Black people have invented that many people may not know about. From automatic elevator doors to the ironing boards used in most households today, these are just some of the contributions that Black inventors have made. All throughout history, Black people have invented some very resourceful things that are still and going continue to be useful in the future as well.

Today we recognize a lot of the Black creations like the Air Jordan shoes by Micheal Jordan and the hot comb by Madam C.J. Walker, which are two of the most popularly used creations today. But, there are still less popular inventors that many have forgot about.

There are many Black inventors who were scientists and engineers. Dr. James West an electrical engineer from Virginia invented a small microphone that doesn’t require a battery. This electric microphone has replaced the carbon microphone and helped change communication technology.

Mary Van Brittan is another Black inventor who made a big impact on daily lives and home safety. Brittan invented the home security system, and the patent for it was filed in 1996. Brittan’s contribution influenced the systems that we use today. Many people use their Ring camera or driveway cameras for home safety, and Brittan’s invention was the basis for two-way communication and surveillance features that are key to modern security.

All these inventions have remained throughout the years and have been advanced to help people. One invention that is probably going to last forever is the potato chip. People eat potato chips every day, but many don’t know that they originated from a Black inventor Catherine ¨Kate¨ Speck. You may not recognize that name, but you may be familiar with George Crum who made the chip popular around 1860 in his restaurant.

As Black History Month comes to an end, it’s important to remember and honor all the Black inventors who created the useful things we use in our daily lives. From Garrett Morgan, who invented to the three-light traffic signal to Patricia Bath, who invented and improved the laser cataract surgery, they all deserve their props.